Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This blog is going nowhere...

My second year here in IIT will be over in about a month now. It has been a rather wonderful year. I think I finally feel 'not new' to this place ! 2 years have gone by very quickly. So quickly that I hadn't even properly stopped feeling new to this place until a few days back!!

As I said it has been a wonderful year. I clearly had a lot more fun than 1st year which was mostly spent feeling out of breath and sleepy ! I met some new and truly amazing people this year. (Of course I had met some amazing people in 1st yr too when I made my first friends here, but that's a long time back , innit :-)) . So back to 2nd yr.

Rendezvous would be the starting point I guess . In 1st yr I couldn't really figure what all the fuss about rendezvous was. But this year the feeling was decidedly different . I guess you have to live in IIT for a while to like Rendezvous. I got to do some acting in the play which was a very satisfying experience. As far back as I can remember I have always loved the idea of theater and acting (story telling by actual performance, wow!!!) and I had been itching to try it out ever since I had come to college. In school it was a rather distant dream. If there is something to be acted out or some story to be performed I don't think it is possible for me to not want to do it and not be overexcited about it. Although I hate the whole business of "coming up with a 5-10 minute performance in 30-40 minutes time" which is so popular here during practices and auditions. It pisses me off to no end. Maybe I'll realize its importance some day. Anyway, looking forward to more plays in the future...

Then there was Antaragini, the IIT kanpur fest which quite frankly was even better than rendezvous I felt. It was like Woodstock for me, only we did nothing illegal :-). Maybe it was the fact that it was a new place and we actually had to travel to be there.

Another thing that was beautiful about this year was that I met some truly amazing people and became friends with them(mainly during Rendezvous and Antaragini). This I think would be the highlight of the year.What was magical was how quickly we became friends and managed to have so much fun and laughter in such a short time. I think my interaction with these people and also older friends (which has evolved a lot since I came here 2 yrs back) has really helped me understand myself more clearly (and also of course shaped me, which goes without saying). First year was spent in a total crisis in this regard but now I think I know much better what kind of guy I am and am going to be(or want to be) in the years to come...

You would notice that this post claims to be written a month before sem-end whereas now its almost a month after it. (I do not feel like correcting it) .Well here's the thing. I did start writing this post two months back on an April night when I was feeling exceptionally senti for no reason at all. But then I got distracted with something and forgot all about it. Today I hit upon the unfinished draft and thought I should wrap it up and publish it is... this blog is going nowhere :-).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Last night, while doing timepass with Sachi and Bandees we started (somehow) talking about this:

oh what joy it was for the next couple of minutes. We excitedly, discussed each detail in this great piece of art (like 3 great art scholars :P). The clouds , birds, mountain tops, snow, the sun, river, hut , tree :) Later I told this to Mohalda. He too broke into the broadest smile as he reminisced .
Sachi is from Calcutta, Bandees from Bombay, Mohalda from Sitapur and I from Delhi. I think every Indian child who goes to school draws this at least 2o times before graduating from elementary school !
What an utterly useless post, but its my blog so i dont care !!
PS 2
Mohalda refered to this as ' diagram ' , lol !!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My name is Shirshendu Mukherji and I think I’ll start blogging !!

Its really early in the morning and there’s no point at all in going to sleep now. I cannot afford to miss the 9’o clocker tomorrow.

So while I wait for 9 o’clock , I’d like to tell you about this really wonderful walk I just took. I just went where my feet took me. I went out of the hostel, walked in circles around the kumaon-jwala gol chakkar a few times .Then I came back in and walked to and fro inside the deserted and unlit common room for a few minutes . Then I went up to the mess roof and looked at jwala .Then I looked up to the heavens and spotted Mars and noted that it rhymed with arse ! Then I went to nescie and had Maggie and muffin ( I was surprised: they usually run out of muffins by this hour.And then I came back.

I am telling you this because it was a very enjoyable walk. I felt like in perfect harmony with my immediate surroundings and I was completely relaxed. I was on another walk earlier tonight with 2 of my mates. We walked up to wind-t and nescie and then went up to the bharati roof. It’s a very nice place up there. I wonder why I hadn’t been there before.

The above was a just a warm-up post. It is not supposed to be profound or anything :)