Saturday, April 4, 2009

Last night, while doing timepass with Sachi and Bandees we started (somehow) talking about this:

oh what joy it was for the next couple of minutes. We excitedly, discussed each detail in this great piece of art (like 3 great art scholars :P). The clouds , birds, mountain tops, snow, the sun, river, hut , tree :) Later I told this to Mohalda. He too broke into the broadest smile as he reminisced .
Sachi is from Calcutta, Bandees from Bombay, Mohalda from Sitapur and I from Delhi. I think every Indian child who goes to school draws this at least 2o times before graduating from elementary school !
What an utterly useless post, but its my blog so i dont care !!
PS 2
Mohalda refered to this as ' diagram ' , lol !!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My name is Shirshendu Mukherji and I think I’ll start blogging !!

Its really early in the morning and there’s no point at all in going to sleep now. I cannot afford to miss the 9’o clocker tomorrow.

So while I wait for 9 o’clock , I’d like to tell you about this really wonderful walk I just took. I just went where my feet took me. I went out of the hostel, walked in circles around the kumaon-jwala gol chakkar a few times .Then I came back in and walked to and fro inside the deserted and unlit common room for a few minutes . Then I went up to the mess roof and looked at jwala .Then I looked up to the heavens and spotted Mars and noted that it rhymed with arse ! Then I went to nescie and had Maggie and muffin ( I was surprised: they usually run out of muffins by this hour.And then I came back.

I am telling you this because it was a very enjoyable walk. I felt like in perfect harmony with my immediate surroundings and I was completely relaxed. I was on another walk earlier tonight with 2 of my mates. We walked up to wind-t and nescie and then went up to the bharati roof. It’s a very nice place up there. I wonder why I hadn’t been there before.

The above was a just a warm-up post. It is not supposed to be profound or anything :)