Friday, March 19, 2010

Today I felt worried about aging for the first time in my life. Shit! I look old (look closely). I looked. In a mirror. But I didn't see a boy. Or a sharp young man. I looked positively old and tired. Not good.
Must start researching skin lotions and what-not. Its funny how you suddenly, one day, start feeling something that you have never felt but many others have been feeling around you for a long time. It's like you joined a new club.
I know it's not a healthy feeling. It's a most utterly useless thought. I'll just remember the skin-lotion.


Shantanu said...

hahaha. look closely enough and you'll find lots of things to worry about.

the best solution is to not look at yourself anymore.

Shirshendu said...

yea.. man wasn't SUPPOSED to look at himself...mirrors are unnatural.

shefali said...

mirrors are unnatural...can be a whole blog post in itself :)
and your blog doesn't feel heavy or profound at all, on the contrary its quite simply and honestly written and that shows. Pretty nice read.

Shirshendu said...

thanks shefali :)
apparently I am not notified abt these comments on email!
Settings! Settings!